Defecting from Samsung (Android) to an Apple iPhone

The longest time I have been a happy Samsung phone user, currently with the S4 mini, and liked the ability to flash custom ROM’s like CyanogenMod and it’s sucessor LineageOS. However, having a hard time to find a small (4”-screen) phone with a good camera, I am considering the Apple iPhone SE.

Will I be punished for leaving the Android ecosystem?

This article on gave me hope. Read on how it went for me…

Step 1: Find replacements for my favourite apps in the Apple Store

OwnCloud client app: $0.99
PodKickerPro: not available. There is a preinstalled app and some alternatives.
Barcode Scanner +:  not available, but there are many alternatives
GoogleContacts: not available as app. TechRepublic has an article.
GoogleCalendar: not available as app, but Google has a note on how to sync with the device’s Apple Calendar. Some restrictions apply.
Threema: $2.99
GoogleAuthenticator: free, from Google
GarminConnect: free, from Garmin
Scanbot: freemium, $4.99 for the lite version

But hey, is there (a) Llama….?

Which, by luck and a hint, I did not forget to look up.

Sad thing is, the Apple App store does not have an app for automated task execution. Neither Llama, nor Tasker is available.  IFTTT will not be of help either, because it can not control local settings.

This is a show-stopper to me and too much of a punishment. No iPhone for me this time.

Step 2

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