Image tagging for Synology Moments with the exif tool

Over the years I have been using the Synology Moments app with all it’s AI goodness, but actually finding some of my photos remained difficult. Sometimes I remembered that a photo was taken with a specific camera or belonged to a specific thematic series, and it would be nice, if that showed up in a specific Moments “Tags” album. And, tags are also searchable in Moments.

EXIF keywords are used as tags within Synology Moments.


This post builds up on my previous posts Managing WhatsApp photos using the exiftool and Using the exiftool on a Synology NAS, this time giving some examples to add specific tags. Adapt and use as you find them helpful.

The examples all are intended to run directly on the Synology NAS, and use some specific optons, which are explained in Managing WhatsApp photos using the exiftool

Searching for a specific camera model (Panasonic DMC-FT25) and add a keyword (Lumix) for it

# For all Lumix JPEG images (matching the Camera Model 'DMC-FT25')
# Add a 'Lumix' keyword, but only if:
# The keywords tag does not exist at all or
# The keywords do not contain 'Lumix' (case-insensitive)
# Hint: Not including Thumbnails, with in-place overwrite, verbose, using the fast option, non-terminating with the shell
nohup perl ~/Image-ExifTool-11.88/exiftool -if '$model=~/DMC-FT25/' -if 'not defined $Keywords or $Keywords!~/Lumix/i' '-Keywords+=Lumix' -overwrite_original -v -r -i '@eaDir' -ext JPG . -fast2 &

Note: On Windows, you might need to use double quotes.