The web, with (your) Style

DeLorean DMC-12 (Credits: Photo by Kevin Abato,, edited by me.

While the web (besides time machines) is styled much nicer than ever, this does not always mean, it’s your style, nor that user experience is much better for you.

Two powerful tools, UserStyles and Greasemonkey (Tampermonkey for Chrome), come to help. They both inject additional functionality (CSS and/or JavaScript) into existing websites, allowing to transform or extend their use.

In my spare time, I have created some (hopefully) handy scripts and styles:

A slimmed down StackExchange

stackwatchersTo get rid of the distracting side bar on some of the StackExchange sites, I have created the StackWatchers user style. This also improves the reading experience on narrow windows.

Better UX with NxFilter

nxfilter_with_colorTo have a better visual distinction for blocked requests by the DNS filtering tool NxFilter, I have created NxFilterColorizer, a user script that colorizes the table row depending on the block indicator text. It also applies a CSS class that allows further styling with a user style.

Find the keyboard focus

Ever got lost in a large input form? FocusFinder comes to the rescue. This is a simple user style, that globally highlights the currently focused or hovered input field or action item. This helps visually navigating and observing the structure of a website.

Update (10.7.2020):  Focus Finder is now also available as Firefox Extension from the Mozilla Add-On Store.

Header linkify

Update (10.7.2020): A user script that adds clickable links to HTML headers is  now available as Firefox Extension “Flink” in the Mozilla Add-On store.